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Tunnels, Treehouses & Trainsmoke (2013)

Ghost stories, murder ballads, fiddle tunes and train songs from the tunnels of East Vancouver. Features a 5-string fiddle, a baritone violin string section and the legendary Stroh Violin (a rare, antiquated instrument with a resonator and a phonograph horn). Includes a complete songbook (chords & lyrics to all tracks), handwritten with original artwork by Fraea the Banshee.

“Incredible album of dark modern day folk songs…includes some of the eeriest fiddle playing around.” – Americana Roots UK

“One expects Jeff Andrew to inhabit some dark underground of folk music, singing serious songs about vagabonds, police abuse of power, abandoned buildings, Wobblies, and street punks wrongly accused of murder.” – Georgia Straight

Hobo Postcards (2011)

An electrified patchwork of folk, punk, Celtic and old jazz. The cabin and the cathedral. Also features the legendary Stroh Violin.

“A backroads troubadour with a few things to say by way of viscera, nerve and hard experience…basically a raunchy Bob Dylan with blood in his teeth.” – FAME Reviews

“Think The Pogues at their most engaging, singing early Tom Waits.” – Leicester Bangs

“A collection of travel tunes that features a ramshackle concoction of acoustic guitars, violin, trumpet and the occasional burst of gang vocals…sentiment that seems to spring directly from the heart of a weary, well-traveled musician who has come to a crossroads.” – Penguin Eggs Magazine

Vagabonds & Wastrels (2009)

Travel songs for orphans, freaks, hobos and ghosts. Rusty gates, muted horns, resonators, accordions and voices, held down with percussive acoustic guitar and the mad bowing of a six-fingered classical bassist.

“A two-sided record on a one-sided disc, the album begins with familiar folk fare: love, drunks, killers and working-class heroes, before descending into an underworld of faeries, ghosts and madness.” – BC Musician Magazine

“A wordsmith and poet…Andrew has harnessed his muse on hobos, heartsick pilgrims and the demons left on the highway.” – Americana UK

“A complex album, one that not only tips its hat to Tom Waits and Utah Phillips but also asks them to sit down for a while.” – Edmonton Vue Weekly


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