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TTT_coverTunnels, Treehouses & Trainsmoke (2013)

Ghost stories, murder ballads, fiddle tunes and train songs from the tunnels of East Vancouver. Features a 5-string fiddle, a baritone violin string section and the legendary Stroh Violin (a rare, antiquated instrument with a resonator and a phonograph horn).

This is two EPs in one package, plus some unreleased material. Comes with a complete songbook (chords & lyrics to all tracks), handwritten with original artwork by Fraea the Banshee.  Songbook included as a PDF if you download it from Bandcamp.

“Incredible album of dark modern day folk songs…includes some of the eeriest fiddle playing around.” – Americana Roots UK


Hobo_Postcards_coverHobo Postcards (2011)

An electrified patchwork of folk, punk, Celtic and old jazz. The cabin and the cathedral. Also features the legendary Stroh Violin.

“A backroads troubadour with a few things to say by way of viscera, nerve and hard experience…basically a raunchy Bob Dylan with blood in his teeth.” – FAME Reviews

“Think The Pogues at their most engaging, singing early Tom Waits.” – Leicester Bangs



VW_coverVagabonds & Wastrels (2009)

Travel songs for orphans, freaks, hobos and ghosts. Rusty gates, muted horns, resonators, accordions and voices, held down with percussive acoustic guitar and the mad bowing of a six-fingered classical bassist.

“A two-sided record on a one-sided disc, the album begins with familiar folk fare: love, drunks, killers and working-class heroes, before descending into an underworld of faeries, ghosts and madness.” – BC Musician Magazine


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