“A backroads troubadour with a few things to say by way of viscera, nerve and hard experience…basically a raunchy Bob Dylan with blood in his teeth.” – FAME Reviews
“A wordsmith and poet…Andrew has harnessed his muse on hobos, heartsick pilgrims and the demons left on the highway.” – Americana UK
“With a voice like rusted steel creaking in the wind…(Andrew)’s songs echo the drama and dust of the old folksingers.” – Comox Valley Record

Singer Songwriter

"Andrew's songs create a world of their own, where gritty, character-driven travelogues and twisted love stories live alongside weird visions of ghosts and monsters in a post-apocalyptic future. The landscape is an electrified patchwork of outsider folk, punk and soul, with echoes of baroque violin, old-time Americana and 80s horror movie soundtracks."

Guitarist & Fiddler

"...a relentless performer who’s frequently seen working straight from the floor, stomping his boots and belting like a carnival barker while pounding his guitar strings or chopping and sawing at the fiddle." - New Times Revue