Blood Moon released!

The new album is here! Blood Moon is now up on Bandcamp and all the streaming platforms.

This is by far the heaviest, noisiest and most elaborate music I’ve ever made. I dug deep into my teenage guitar nerd skills (check out the harmonized leads on Murderers!), and wrote some fancy arrangements (like the interweaving cello, trumpet and Stroh violin lines on The Last Wild Werewolf). It’s got vocal harmonies, sci-fi synths, prog-like riffs and even some fiddling. Overall, it’s the biggest range of sounds and textures I’ve ever had on an album, courtesy of all the amazing people who played on it.

They are:
Denver Venoit (drums)
Adam Farnsworth (keys, vocals)
Kenan Zeigler-Sungur (bass, vocals, percussion)
Leo D.E. Johnson (vocals)
Ryan Boeur (guitar)
Jack Garton (trumpet)
Martin Reisle (cello)
Clara Rose (fiddle)
Wretched Erin (vocals)

Corwin Fox recorded it in Cumberland, Miccaotli painted the cover art and Aeryn Shrapnel did the album design. It’s dedicated to Todd Serious from The Rebel Spell, whose belief in me kept me going thru the years of working on it.

This thing has been with me for so long, it’s hard to believe it’s out in the world now. Some of the songs date back to 2012, and I started work on the arrangements when I was at VCC Music. The pandemic hit just as we started recording and it’s taken since then to get it finished.

Now here it is! Play it, share it, save it on Spotify if that’s your jam (and do the same for your other favourite artists – it actually does help! The more people stream and save our songs has a snowball effect, and it can turn into real, rent-paying money).

To everyone who gave their time and lifeforce to this project, and who’s supported me, the venues, the festivals and all of us over the years who’ve chosen this strange vocation – thank you!!!

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